Owners Information

Owners Information Package

Unauthorised reproduction or duplication of any part of this manual is strictly prohibited. For quality improvements some specifications and exterior of product may be modified without prior notice. This product has passed stringent quality tests performed by SPIRIT Paddle Sports.
Congratulations on the purchase of your genuine quality Spirit Paddle Sports product.


Prior to using this product the user must read and understand the information provided in this package. Retain this information for use as required. The information is provided as a guide only. Specific instructions regarding paddle and water sports, medical fitness and ability, weather conditions and legal requirements for craft carriage and transport must be sought by the user from specialists in those areas. SPIRIT Paddle Sports takes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the information provided.
Definitions: the words set out below shall have the following meaning:
Owners Information Package – the terms and conditions set out hereunder including the terms of warning affixed to the product.
Product – any of the following item(s) – surf ski, sit on top kayak, kayak, canoe, paddle craft, craft, paddles, paddling accessories, accessories.
User – person or persons using the product.
Warning – the terms in the Owners Information Package.
Safety First: We strongly recommend the user read this important information, heed and understand these guidelines and refer to them frequently. Observe the following safety standards when using this product.
Paddle and water sports can be very dangerous and physically demanding. The user of this product should understand that actively participating may involve serious injury or death.
    Consult your doctor or physician before you use, lift or carry this product.

  • The user will not use, lift or carry this product unless medically and physically fit to do so.
  • The user of this product must be able to swim and be a highly competent swimmer in moving or open water.
  • The user must obtain paddle and water sports instruction for this product.
  • We strongly recommend the user obtain paddle and water sports instruction from a qualified instructor teaching in reputable paddling programmes and schools.
  • Always wear an approved personal flotation device (PFD).
  • Be aware of water safety rules and regulations; boating rules, regulations and procedures; surf life saving rules, regulations and procedures. Be aware of boating traffic, paddlers and swimmers.
  • Water traffic hazards: power boats, jet skis, skiers, paddlers, wind surfers, surfers, kite boarders, yachts and ships. Make yourself visible and never assume you have been seen or have right of way. Wear brightly coloured attire and mount a brightly coloured pennant flag to this product in areas attracting other marine activities and/or traffic hazards.
  • Wear a helmet in surf and white water or activities where there is rough water and/or rocks.
  • This is not a life saving device.
  • Obtain first aid, CPR and rescue training, always carry a First aid kit, Rescue and safety gear: spare paddle, Red hand held flare, throw line, map of area, repair kit, survival kit, spare food and water (Keep this equipment in a waterproof container).
  • Always carry a plastic bottle of water to drink.
  • Suitable sunscreen, hat and protective/insulating clothing should be worn to protect against sun, wind and hypothermia.
  • Car keys with immobiliser/alarm, mobile phone and any other such devices should be placed in a water tight container or pouch before using this product.
  • Allow extra time on expeditions for weather changes in order to reach destination during daylight hours. Always check weather forecast before using this product.
  • Leave a trip plan and expected time of arrival with a responsible person.
  • Inspect this product and equipment for wear and tear/fatigue before each use.
  • Check with local marine authorities in regard to marine creatures inhabiting areas you wish to explore with this product: deadly jellyfish, sharks, crocodiles etc.
  • Be aware of appropriate river water levels, tidal changes, dangerous currents, reefs, rock out crops and changes in weather patterns.
  • Scout unfamiliar waters (portage where appropriate).
  • Do not use this product in or around the area of marine ports, harbours, shipping lanes, wharfs, jetties, boating waterways, boat ramps, boat moorings, rocks, rock groynes, reefs, cliff faces, drainage waterways, water storage and swimming areas.
  • Wind – can pose many problems including unmanageable waves, preventing the user from holding course, reducing craft speed, preventing the user from returning to shore, making it difficult to turn the craft.
  • Never paddle alone. Never use this product in medium to large surf, flood conditions, rough conditions, strong wind, storm conditions or fog conditions. Never use this product if there is a strong offshore wind.
  • Do not exceed your fitness or your paddle and water sports ability. Be honest with yourself.
  • Ensure that all hatches, inspection ports and bungs are fitted securely to avoid water intake. Do not open hatches, inspection ports or bungs when out on the water. Never use this product if any hatches, inspection ports or bungs are missing.
  • Avoid losing your paddle by attaching to your craft with a paddle line. Do not use a paddle line in surf, white water or areas where it may be caught up or obstructed.
  • Do not consume alcohol or use mind altering drugs before or whilst using this product.
  • Children under 16 years should use this product only under strict supervision by an adult competent in paddle and water sports training. They should be a highly competent swimmer and be capable of rescuing the child without endangering themselves or others.
  • Practice exiting and entering the product in knee deep water of user, waist high water of user before attempting to exit and enter the product in deep or open water.
  • Do not exceed the recommended weight capacity of this product.
  • Do not add to or alter this product unless they are genuine SPIRIT add on accessories. Do not impair or obstruct entry and exit points of this product. Use and fit fishing rod holder and backrest on calm protected waters.
  • Velcro foot straps – do not panic should your foot get caught in the straps, remain calm and simply undo the strap(s). If you are not confident using foot straps, undo Velcro and leave open.
  • The user of this product acknowledges an understanding and assumption of risk involved in paddle and water sports.
  • Using, lifting, carriage and transport of the product is entirely at users risk. The user assumes all risk to self and others.
  • Do not tow paddle craft behind power boat. Paddle craft are designed to be paddled only.
  • The user including his/her heirs and personal representatives releases and discharges Spirit Paddle Sports and its directors and shareholders to the maximum extent permitted by law from: (a) All responsibility or liability arising from any act, omission or neglect causing loss or damage including injury or death to the user; and (b) All claims, suits, actions, proceedings or demands, costs, charges and liabilities now or in future for whatsoever nature arising out of or in any manner whatsoever connected with the user, carriage, transport and use of this product.
Scupper Bungs (if provided with craft): Scupper holes are designed to release water that has been splashed or washed over into the cockpit of the craft. If paddling on flat, calm protected water and you would like to keep dry, insert the scupper bungs from the cockpit side before entering the water (to prevent water splashing up from the scupper holes). When exiting the water remove scupper bungs from underside of craft. If paddling in areas with unprotected waters, motor vessels, ocean, wind and waves do not use scupper bungs – enabling the water to drain via scupper holes. Failure to do so may cause the craft to become unstable and capsize. Do not exceed the maximum recommended weight capacity of the craft.
Wave Riding (Surfing): We strongly recommend wave riding be attempted by experienced paddlers only whom have obtained sport instruction from a qualified instructor in wave riding. However, if you find yourself unexpectedly in a wave environment please be aware of the following guidelines:
  • Be aware of strong currents, rocks, swimmers, other surf users and people on the shore.
  • When heading out through the waves ensure you are 90 degrees to the wave ie keep the craft perpendicular to the wave.
  • If you fall off the craft ensure you keep the craft between the shore and yourself (so as not to be struck by the craft).
  • Do not try and stop the craft returning to the shore (this may cause injury) let the craft wash up on the shore and start again.
  • Be alert when the craft is on the shore, it may be washed into people including yourself.
  • When returning to shore keep the craft perpendicular to the wave and lean back in your seat when you catch a wave.

Care and Maintenance of Product*:

  • Hose craft down with fresh water after use. Pay special attention to moving parts including rudder and foot pedals. Sand will increase wear and tear on parts and fittings and may cause jamming of moving parts.
  • Store product in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight. Long term exposure to excessive sunlight will contribute to deterioration of the product and may cause the product to warp.
  • Transport your product upside down on suitable roof racks to prevent denting of the hull or use an approved product cradle.
  • Should a dent occur, heat the area by direct sunlight and apply pressure until the product cools. *Refer Racing Ski and Performance Racing Ski Storage and Transport Instructions below.

Carriage of Product:

  • Consult your doctor or physician before attempting to lift or carry this product
  • The user will not lift and/or carry this product unless medically and physically fit to do so.
  • Care must be taken when carrying the product through trafficable areas such as streets, roads, pedestrian crossings etc.
  • Care must be taken when carrying the product amongst people and other living, non living things.

Transport of Product*:

  • Loads should be evenly distributed and secured.
  • Use a minimum of two tie down straps (not rope, shock cord or occy straps) to secure product to cross bars.
  • Roof load should not exceed the lesser permissible load rating stated in the vehicle manufacturers handbook or roof rack fitting instruction sheet.
  • Any weight carried on the vehicle will adversely affect its handling, particularly in cornering, up and down hills or in a cross wind. Therefore, the vehicle should be driven with increased caution.
  • Regularly inspect the roof rack to ensure it is correctly secured to the vehicle. Tighten all nuts, bolts, screws, securing devices as required.
  • Be aware of the statutory requirements regarding maximum permissible projections from vehicles.
  • Long loads should always be additionally secured by tying down to front and rear of vehicle. *Refer Racing Ski and Performance Racing Ski Storage and Transport Instructions below.

SPIRIT Racing Ski and Performance Racing Ski Storage & Transport Instructions:

Transport of Product:

  • Craft must be transported Hull down using roof rack cradles.
  • Roof rack cradles must be minimum 1.5 metres apart.
  • Craft must be secured with minimum 2 x Tie Down Straps.
  • Kayak carrier recommended and must be used if roof racks not minimum 1.5 metres apart.
  • Craft should not be left on roof rack systems for storage purposes.

Storage of Product:

  • Craft can be stored Hull down or Hull up.
  • Wall brackets must be minimum 2.2m apart for Hull down storage.
  • Wall brackets must be minimum 3.2m apart for Hull up storage.
  • Foam or rubber cradles must be used on brackets to prevent denting of craft.
  • Craft can be left on level ground if wall brackets cannot be installed.
  • Craft should be stored out of direct sunlight.

Product Warranty:

All Craft manufactured by SPIRIT Paddle Sports carry a two year limited warranty on faulty materials and workmanship. Please read this limited warranty carefully to fully understand your rights and obligations!
  • This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.
  • Products must be returned/collected at users cost to/from SPIRIT Paddle Sports or its Agents for inspection of claim accompanied with proof of purchase.
  • Warranty is null and void if product is altered in any way, or subjected to stress beyond the physical limitations of the product.
  • Warranty is null and void if product is damaged by misuse, abuse, Acts of God, negligence, accident, mishandling, misapplication or other abnormal use.
  • Warranty is null and void if product is not used in accordance with these instructions.
  • Warranty does not cover general wear and tear including scratches, abrasions, dings, dents.
  • Products are warranted to the original owner for a period of two years from date of purchase. Proof of purchase must be retained for this period to progress valid warranty claim.
  • Warranty is limited to repair or replacement of faulty product only at the sole discretion of SPIRIT Paddle Sports or its Agents.
  • SPIRIT Paddle Sports reserves the right to change or alter products and designs without incurring any obligation to incorporate such changes in completed products or products previously sold to Agents or consumers.