Aquaracks (Pairs)

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Aquaracks (80kg capacity):
Aquaracks are the simplest, strongest and most versatile storage rack you can find. Aquaracks can accommodate virtually any paddle craft on the market and allow for storage or display at almost any angle without causing damage. They are a great way to display your kayaks in-store or store your boats in the garage at home!
Aquaracks (50kg capacity):
The Aquaracks SM take up half the vertical wall space of the original Aquaracks! Still packed with all the same great features and with a heafty capacity of up to 110lb / 50kg. Designed to store or display smaller boats, the new Aquaracks SMs are perfect for whitewater or play boats, lightweight composites, smaller touring kayaks and rowing shells.

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Aquaracks (80kg capacity):

Aquaracks (50kg capacity):


175lb / 80kg, 110lb / 50kg


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