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The GP1 is a scaled down version of the GP2, it is a full carbon layup making it very light while retaining all the strength and durability it needs to cope with surf and white water. This blade is unique in shape and has a very strong catch point, this allows the paddler to get maximum benefit from the catch which is where you are at your strongest and will gain maximum benefit. It is a very stable blade throughout transition allowing the paddler to lock on throughout their rotation and has quick and easy release giving you the time and stability you need to get maximum benefit from every stroke. A fantastic paddle for those doing endurance type events such as Ironman, Adventure Racing and Avon Descent. The blade is also great for beginners and young juniors just starting out in their paddling careers and suits all paddling disciplines.

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Full Carbon Layup

Shaft Material

Adjustable Carbon Shaft


205-215, 210-220, 215-225


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